Megan is an entertaining public speaker and MC. Her style is chatty and fun, but she knows how to keep to time and to keep an event moving!


She is the founder of Blogger at Large, one of NZ’s largest lifestyle and travel blogs and is the Sunday travel correspondent on Newstalk ZB radio talking about travel to Andrew Dickens each week, as well as writing for the NZ Herald and other publications.



Her keynote topics include:

20 seconds of Braveness

a 30-40 minute motivational talk where Megan covers some of her hilarious and embarrassing moments as a travel writer on assignment while making the point that stepping out of our comfort zone and taking risks leads to great rewards.

Behind the Scenes on the Royal Tour

after she spent 2 weeks working with Tourism New Zealand following the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George on their tour of New Zealand in April 2014. The machine that is a royal tour is a fascinating inside look at how this show gets on the road and how the British press work.

Random Acts of Kindness Day

was co-founded by Megan and three of her friends in 2005. This presentation covers what inspired them to start a national day, how they went about it and some of the highlights that have occurred over the last decade as the phrase has become part of New Zealand’s every day vernacular.