You will learn how to get out of the fact box and into the feature

Too many operators miss easy opportunities that are often right under their noses. Megan’s training will help you understand what media need, and give you a behind-the-scenes understanding to enable you to be the rock star that you know your destination or brand can be!

  • The Cheat Sheet to Hosting Media is for anyone who has face-to-face dealings with the media.
  • We cover writing press releases, planning press trips, what editors, freelancers and bloggers need to write a great story.
  • Should you cover a meal (room/activity) for the journalist AND partner?
  • Developing ongoing relationships for long term access to that journo/publication.
  • How to go from media wilderness to media darling.
  • Quick tips for hosting the emerging Chinese market.

“Writers are looking for a story. I show you how to tell your story so that you stand out.”

Be brilliant, be you

Megan Singleton has been working as a travel journalist for 15 years and blogging for nine. She’s hosted media on fams and been hosted hundreds of times and has a thorough understanding of what a writer and editor are looking for to create great stories.

In The Cheat Sheet to Hosting Media workshop she helps you reveal your uniqueness and presents strategies on how to make a writer fall in love with you.

She has presented this workshop in the Philippines, USA and New Zealand and one hotel wrote to tell her they made the front page of the Business section of the newspaper, thanks to her advice.

She describes this workshop as like following the tour guide through a new adventure as you learn how to bring clarity to your unique story and tell it in a way that you reap memorable and long term results.

“The Cheat Sheet to Hosting Media shows you how to get out of the Fact Box and into the Feature!”

What they said:

“Megan’s workshop on hosting global press was exceptional! She has a wealth of insight on what makes public relations professionals even better at their job of destination storytelling. Her engaging presentation style is a mix of facts, real life experiences and humor. I’d highly recommend her program to any organizations – CVBs, hotels, travel products – that host international media. It’s well worth the investment and professional development time.”

– Danielle Cohn, Former VP Marketing Communications. Philadelphia CVB

“Megan’s training was invaluable for our partner businesses. Hotels, restaurants, attractions and wineries learned how to best approach and work with incoming travel writers. We got positive feedback from many of our partners and in the long run we anticipate better response from them as well as improved experiences for travel writers.”

– Tim Zahner, Chief Marketing Officer, Sonoma County Tourism