Megan Singleton has been using Facebook to promote her own travel blog as well as contracting to brands and destinations on long term and short term assignments for several years – and quite honestly, she is a bit of a geek at keeping up (as much as is humanly possible) with Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms to ensure maximum reach for minimum spend.

She also thinks out of the box around how to use Facebook so that her growing fan base is not bored with the same old, same old.

What you’ll cover

In this practical workshop Megan will take you through the steps to growing your Facebook fans and creating different types of Facebook ads for your business.

  • What kinds of ads work best on Facebook
  • Step by step instructions on how to create a Facebook ad with a call to action
  • How to create video ads, use Live video and download it
  • How to boost posts and how to promote posts, and the difference between the two
  • How to run competitions – and why you should
  • How to grow your Facebook fans and get more likes